Südtirol Guest Pass

From public transport to museums and events, your Guest Pass includes the best travel perks. Discover the sheer amount of things you can do at no additional cost.

What's included?

The basic service of the South Tyrol Guest Pass is public transportation.

Some variants of the South Tyrol Guest Pass also include admission to numerous museums and collections and/or the use of additional offers in the holiday area.

Detailed information about this is provided by the guest accommodations or the local tourist offices.

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Guest Pass FAQs

What is the difference between the Guest Pass and the Guest Pass museumobil?
What is included in the Guest Pass?
How do I get my Guest Pass?
How do I validate the Südtirol Guest Pass?
Which public transportation is not included in the Guest Pass?
When is my Guest Pass valid?
How often can I visit a museum with the Guest Pass museumobil?
Can I take my dog (or other animals) with me on public transport?
Can I take my bike with me on public transport?
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